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Turnkey Solutions

No Experience? No Problem! Own a Farm with Just a Turn of the Key

Skip the construction woes and step straight into your dream farm! Agri Joy takes care of everything, from sourcing materials and skilled labor to building your farm to the highest standards.


No prior farming experience? No problem! We guide you through the entire process, so you can simply turn the key and watch the magic unfold. Start cultivating your passion today with us - your one-stop shop for a hassle-free farm experience. Starting at Rupees 26 Lakhs

Hydroponic farm in Dehradun

What We Do


Understanding the needs

We believe your dream farm shouldn't be a source of stress. After a conversation to understand your vision and desired results, sit back and enjoy the process. We handle everything, ensuring your farm flourishes effortlessly. Leave the hustle and bustle to us, and savor the satisfaction of watching your dream take root.


Site Evaluation

Before we embark on building your dream farm, we need to understand its unique potential. It's about understanding the unique strengths of your property. We'll gather key details like sunlight exposure, soil composition, and weather patterns to ensure your farm is perfectly suited for success. 


Project Quotation

With the land's potential unlocked, let's design your dream farm! We'll craft a tailor-made plan customized for maximum success. We focus on your needs and goals, ensuring every element benefits your farm's future. This includes a transparent project quotation outlining all costs and a timeline for building your dream, one sustainable step at a time.


Build Farm

Once your vision is on paper, it's time to make it a reality! We handle everything, from sourcing the best equipment and materials at competitive prices to assembling a skilled team. We manage every detail, coordinating construction on schedule and within budget. No haggling, no headaches - just the joy of witnessing your dream farm take root.



Leave the construction complexities to us! We assemble a highly skilled and dedicated team who take pride in their work. They'll utilize resources effectively, ensuring your farm is built on time and within budget. No need to worry about micromanagement or delays.

Hydroponic NFT


Dream farm

Witness your farm blossom into a thriving success story, ready to generate fresh produce and endless satisfaction.

This is your farm, built on our commitment to excellence. Turn the key, embrace the joy, and let Agri Joy cultivate your agricultural dream!

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