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Our Story

Started Agri Joy purely out of a passion for agriculture in 2019. We incorporated the company in 2020 and from there onwards we started on a mission to transform agriculture in India and beyond from a climate-stressed production to climate-smart production.


We started our first farm in Dehradun India and from there onwards we established one of the largest hydroponics farms in Maharashtra, then we also established Andaman’s first hydroponic farm. Rajasthan’s first indoor farm, Jammu and Kashmir‘s first commercial hydroponic farm, Northeast India’s largest indoor hydroponic farm, and many others. We also have Uttarakhand’s largest hydroponic farm in Dehradun.


Our upcoming projects include farms in APAC and the Middle East. We also have a huge focus on R&D, where we continuously try to grow hyper niche crops and superfoods in controlled environment agriculture and how they ultimately benefit the growers and increase their ROI. 

Join us on this mission and grow sustainably. One farm at a time.

What We Value

At Agri Joy, we understand that starting a farm is more than an investment - it's a dream. We respect your aspirations and commitment, and value every client as a partner in our journey.


We all deserve access to fresh, healthy food, free from harmful chemicals. We take the baton from traditional farming, seamlessly blending it with innovative technology and the expertise of our professional growers.


This allows us to not only fulfill your dream of a flourishing farm but also deliver the promise of safe, sustainable food for all.


Growth & Innovation

We're passionate about growth – yours and ours! We believe in harnessing the power of innovation to transform the way you farm. Our cutting-edge solutions empower you to cultivate success, maximize yield, and experience the future of agriculture – all while simplifying your journey.



Honesty and transparency are at the root of everything we do at Agri Joy. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and audience by keeping the lines of communication open. You can trust us to provide clear information, reliable solutions, and a commitment to your success.


Team Work

We believe in the power of collaboration! Our dedicated team works seamlessly not only within itself, but also alongside our valued clients. We understand that true success is a journey shared, and we're committed to partnering with you to cultivate a thriving agricultural future, together.

Our Partners & Associates

Meet Agri Joy 

Your farm-to-table solution providers

Imagine your flourishing farm, producing fresh food without the hassle. Agri Joy takes care of everything, from building your farm to selling your harvest and delivering profits directly to you.

Our motto: One farm at a time, we empower individuals to experience the joy of farming. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering the best possible outcome for each and every customer.

Farm to profit, hassle-free. We handle everything - building your farm, caring for your crops, and delivering your profits directly to you. Focus on the joy of farming, not the work.

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