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Seed to Feed Solutions

One farm at a time.

About us & Our Mission

Battling Climate Change through Smart Farming

We're driving the change in hydroponics and protected cultivation. From seed to harvest, we're here to make it easy for growers to grow fresh, clean, local food using less water and space.

Our Focus Areas

From seed to harvest, we've got you covered. Our proven methods, honed over years of experience, offer a reliable and efficient solution for your growing journey. Focus on the joy of farming, not the hassle. Let Agri Joy take care of the rest.


Farm Construction

We have built farms in more than 15+ States in India and abroad, farms spanning Jammu City to Port Blair, Jaipur to Jharsuguda. Each site reflects our commitment to revolutionizing agriculture. Let's build your dream farm.


Farm Management

With Agri Joy by your side, you can achieve peak cultivation, stress-free. We handle everything from seed sowing to harvesting, leaving you with the joy of a flourishing farm ultimately helping you achieve as we term it, "More than optimal yields"


Market Linkages

We at Agri Joy handle everything from cultivation to connection, ensuring your harvest reaches the market smoothly. No more fretting over ruined crops or unfair prices, just enjoy the satisfaction of a successful harvest without the stress.

Turnkey Solutions

We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage to post-construction farm management. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

More with Agri Joy


Trainings & Workshops

Join our interactive workshops and learn the latest in Hydroponics. Be part of a growing community of 4,000+ students and gain the skills you need to thrive in this exciting field. We even hire top performers to join our team on our innovative farms across India!


Equipment & Accessories

Growing your own food sounds amazing, right? We're your one-stop shop for everything you need to build your dream hydroponic farm, from tools and equipment to even those hard-to-find spare parts. Order what you need today and watch your green thumb flourish!


Crop Nutrition

Imagine your body without essential nutrients. Plants are no different. They rely on balanced nutrition in the right amounts to reach their full potential, blossoming into healthy and fruitful versions of themselves. We understand plant nutrition elements to nurture and unlock their true potential.


Agronomy Support

Farming can be challenging, with countless variables impacting your harvest. We remove the guesswork. Experts are dedicated to helping your plants reach their full potential. Our comprehensive support ensures you unlock maximum yield and profitability.


Market Support

Harvest worry-free, sell smart! Agri Joy doesn't just help you grow big, we connect you with the right markets to ensure your harvest gets the value it deserves. Maximize your profit, not your post-harvest stress.

Latest Projects


HS Better Grow, Dehradun


Simakshi Organics, Dehradun


Exo Greens, Jharsuguda


Crimson Greens, Vizag


Pristyn Farms, Jammu

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