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 Agri Joy: Unleashing Hydroponic Mastery in a Week! 

Calling all learners! Join our exclusive 7-day training program at Agri Joy. With a student ID, get enrolled in the world of Hydroponic learning at just Inr 2000/-. Others are welcome too, at a minimal cost of Inr 5499/- 

Don't miss this opportunity to cultivate your green ambitions with us!



  • Introduction to Hydroponics 

  • Crop Selection and Cycle 

  • Fertilizer and Nutrient Management 

  • Pest Control and Disease Management 

  • Market Trends and Commercial Aspects 

  • Business Opportunity and Financial Support

  • Economics of Hydroponics 

  • Farm Setup


- Certificate of Participation 

- Internship and Placement Opportunity

- Support for Research and Development

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